08 Jun 2023

Ecuador – Mountain Climbing Expedition

Embark on an extraordinary journey that transcends the ordinary and beckons you to the heart of high-altitude adventure. Our meticulously crafted mountain climbing expedition unfolds across the breathtaking tapestry of the Ecuadorian Andes, offering a symphony of towering peaks, rugged landscapes, and awe-inspiring beauty. As stalwarts in the realm of mountain climbing, we invite you to immerse yourself in an unparalleled odyssey that seamlessly blends technical expertise, strategic acclimatization, and the triumphant summits of Ecuador’s most iconic peaks.

Your adventure begins against the urban backdrop of Rucu Pichincha, a stratovolcano that stands as a sentinel overlooking the vibrant city of Quito. Here, amidst the juxtaposition of bustling urban life and serene alpine splendor, we commence a journey meticulously designed to introduce you to the art and science of high-altitude climbing.

As you ascend, each peak reveals its unique character – Iliniza Norte, with its twin peaks and rocky challenges, Antisana, offering an untouched wilderness for exploration, and Cayambe, draped in snowy allure beneath starlit skies. The expedition becomes a symphony of technical mastery and breathtaking vistas, an education in resilience, and an opportunity to forge camaraderie with fellow climbers.


The journey culminates at Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest peak, where the grandeur of the Andes reaches its zenith. Traverse challenging ridges and glacier-covered slopes, and with each calculated step, you inch closer to the summit, where the vastness of the Andean landscape unfolds beneath you. This is not merely a climb; it is a crescendo of your training, a testament to your dedication, and a celebration of reaching new heights.


Ecuador Mountain Climbing Expedition

Destinations and Highlights:

Rucu Pichincha (Altitude: 4,784 meters): Your ascent begins in the shadows of Quito with Rucu Pichincha, a stratovolcano offering a dynamic introduction to high-altitude climbing. The climb is a visual feast, providing a panoramic juxtaposition of the Ecuadorian capital and the unfolding alpine panorama. Rucu Pichincha’s ascent, characterized by rocky and glaciated terrains, initiates climbers into various conditions. Our professional guides ensure a seamless blend of safety and education as you navigate this inaugural climb.

Iliniza Norte (Altitude: 5,126 meters):  Nestled in Iliniza National Park, Iliniza Norte stands as a twin-peaked testament to Andean grandeur. The climb unfolds through alpine landscapes and challenging rock sections, offering an immersive refuge experience for acclimatization and camaraderie.
Iliniza Norte introduces technical elements such as rock climbing and glacier traverses. Under the expert guidance of our team, you’ll refine your skills, gaining confidence for the more demanding ascents ahead.

Antisana Glacier School The journey to Antisana takes you to an untouched wilderness, presenting an extraordinary setting for a summit bid. The climb unveils glacial landscapes and pristine beauty.

The Antisana Glacier School allow clients to have snow climbing techniques, building on the skills acquired in previous ascents. Our expert guides ensure a strategic and safe approach, preparing you for the challenges of higher altitudes.

Cayambe Summit (Altitude: 5,790 meters):  Crowned as Ecuador’s third-highest peak, Cayambe beckons with its snowy allure. The climb unfolds under starlit skies, with an early morning summit bid offering unrivaled views of the Northern Andes. Cayambe marks a pinnacle of your journey, blending technical proficiency with breathtaking alpine scenery.

Cayambe demands proficiency in glacier travel, ice climbing, and navigation. Our expert guides ensure a strategic and secure approach, making this summit a monumental achievement in your Ecuadorian Andes adventure.

Cotopaxi Summit (Altitude: 5,897 meters): Towering majestically over the Ecuadorian landscape, Cotopaxi stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur. Its snow-capped peak beckons adventurers, offering a thrilling ascent through pristine alpine terrain. As dawn breaks on summit day, the Northern Andes unveil their splendor, rewarding climbers with an unforgettable panorama.

Conquering Cotopaxi demands mastery of glacier travel, ice climbing, and altitude acclimatization. Our seasoned guides lead with expertise and precision, ensuring a safe and exhilarating journey to the summit. Reach new heights and create lasting memories on this iconic pinnacle of Ecuadorian mountaineering.

Chimborazo Summit (Altitude: 6,267 meters): The grand finale unfolds at Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest peak and a symbol of Andean majesty. The climb traverses challenging ridges and glacier-covered slopes, revealing the vastness of the Andean landscape beneath. The summit bid to Chimborazo is not merely a climb; it’s a culmination of your training, resilience, and dedication.

The ascent to Chimborazo involves technical elements such as ice and mixed climbing. Our guides, well-versed in the intricacies of this climb, ensure a strategic and secure progression, making this summit the crowning achievement of your Ecuadorian Andes odyssey.

Tour includes:

  • Certified mountain guides
  • Tour leader and Support
  • Accommodations
  • Transportation
  • National park permits
  • Adventure and Rescue Insurance
  • All Meals (Except some dinners)
  • Snacks for Climb
  • All logistics


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  • 14-01-2025

Itinerary - Day 1 Welcome to Quito

A Gateway to Andean Adventure
Touch down in Quito, a bustling metropolis cradled by the majestic Andes. Our professional guides extend a warm welcome, ensuring a seamless transition to your hotel amidst the blend of colonial charm and modern allure that defines this vibrant city.

Day 2 - Quito City Tour and Mitad del Mundo

 Embrace Cultural Splendor Embark on a journey through Quito's rich heritage with a guided city tour. Traverse the UNESCO-listed Old Town, where centuries-old cobblestone streets lead to architectural wonders like La Compañía Church and the Presidential Palace. Later, stand astride the equator line at Mitad del Mundo, an iconic symbol of Ecuador's geographical significance.

Day 3 - Rucu Pichincha Trek (Altitude: 4,784 meters)

Ascend to Andean Heights Set forth on an exhilarating ascent of Rucu Pichincha, accessed via the Teleferico. As you ascend, the sprawling cityscape of Quito gives way to sweeping vistas of the Andean panorama, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the awe-inspiring peaks that await.

Day 4 - Transfer to Iliniza National Park

Aclimatizatin summit: Venture to Iliniza National Park, a sanctuary teeming with biodiversity, and trek to the refuge nestled amid the towering peaks of Iliniza Norte and Sur. An evening of tranquility awaits amidst the pristine beauty of the Andean wilderness.

Iliniza Norte Summit (Altitude: 5,126 meters) - Conquer the Peak  after climb we return to base, and drive back to Quito, basking in the glory of your achievement.

Day 5 - Rest and Recovery Day

Indulge in Urban Exploration Savor a well-deserved day of rest in Quito. Explore the city at your leisure,

Guided Visit to Mitad del mundo and Pululahua stratovolcano, immersing yourself in its vibrant markets, culinary delights, and cultural offerings.

Day 6 - Antisana Glacier School (Altitude: 4500 m)

 - A Lesson in Glacier Mastery Embark on a scenic drive to Antisana, an untouched wilderness, for glacier school and gear familiarization. Conclude the day with rejuvenation at Papallacta thermal springs, surrounded by the natural splendor of the Andean landscape.

Day 7 - Drive to Cayambe National Park

Gateway to Volcanic Majesty Journey to Cayambe National Park, home to the towering Cayambe volcano. Traverse picturesque landscapes as you prepare for the challenges and triumphs that await at Jose Oleas Refuge.

Day 8 - Cayambe Summit (Altitude: 5,790 meters)

Conquest of the Northern Andes Embark on a midnight ascent to the summit of Cayambe, navigating icy slopes under the cloak of darkness. As dawn breaks, the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Andes unfolds before you, marking the pinnacle of your journey. Descend for a celebratory breakfast before journeying to Otavalo.

Day 9 - Visit Otavalo

Otavalo Indigenous markets 

Explore the vibrant markets of Otavalo, where indigenous craftsmanship flourishes. Absorb the cultural richness before returning to Quito

Day 10- Transfer to Cotopaxi National Park

Preparation for the Summit
Embark on a scenic journey to Cotopaxi National Park, a land of soaring peaks and ethereal beauty. Upon arrival, complete team registration before proceeding to Jose Rivas Refuge, nestled amidst the rugged splendor of the Andes. As the sun sets, indulge in a hearty dinner, fueling your body for the monumental climb ahead. Rest and rejuvenate, for the midnight start heralds the beginning of an epic ascent.

Jose Rivas Refuge: Approximately 4,800 meters

Day 11 - Cotopaxi Summit (Altitude 5897 meters)

Reaching New Heights
Awaken to the crisp mountain air as you prepare to conquer the summit of Cotopaxi, one of Ecuador's most iconic peaks. Embark on a journey of endurance and determination, ascending through snowfields and ice-covered slopes. As the sun illuminates the horizon, stand triumphantly atop the summit, surrounded by panoramic views of the Andean landscape. Descend to the refuge for a well-deserved breakfast before continuing your expedition to Riobamba.

Day 12 - Rest and Acclimatization

Preparing for the Ultimate Goal
Journey to Chimborazo Basecamp Lodge 3900m, nestled in the shadow of Ecuador's highest peak. Take respite in the tranquil surroundings as you acclimatize to the altitude, allowing your body to adjust to the rigors of high-altitude climbing. Spend the day meticulously preparing for the ultimate challenge that awaits – the ascent of Chimborazo.

Day 13- Trek to High Camp

Anticipation Builds
Embark on a trek through the rugged terrain of Chimborazo National Park, ascending to high camp at an elevation of 5,300 meters. As you climb higher, anticipation builds for the summit push that lies ahead. Settle into camp amidst the pristine beauty of the Andean landscape, preparing both mentally and physically for the challenges of the summit ascent.

Day 14 - Chimborazo Summit

 Achieving the Peak
In the darkness of night, embark on a daring summit attack of Chimborazo, navigating steep slopes and icy ridges under the guidance of experienced mountaineers. As the first light of dawn illuminates the horizon, reach the pinnacle of Ecuador's highest peak, standing atop the roof of the Andes. Descend to high camp for a celebratory breakfast, then bid farewell to the majestic heights of Chimborazo as you journey back to Riobamba and onward to Quito Airport, carrying with you memories of an unforgettable mountain climbing expedition.




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